Dr. Jim Taylor sits at a campfire
with child.

AppState Student leads two children
through KAMPN trails.

ASU student with child.

 2014 Camp Cogger Staff

KAMPN Kids made the news!  See the artical, KAMPN: Kids with Autism Making Progress in nature located in the , High Country Press Artical page 58 of Volume 9 Issue 4 April/May 2014 edition

KAMPN Mission Statement

kampn - kids with autism making progress in natureKAMPN's (Kids with Autism Making Progress in Nature) mission is to provide an option rarely available for families having children with autism to experience activities in nature at Camp Cogger. It will provide a program for the child and family as well as provide an opportunity for the wholesome interaction of the families during the week. In addition, students participating from universities will benefit by working with the children and families under the supervision of trained staff and university personnel.

KAMPN Objectives

KAMPN will conduct a uniquely designed overnight summer camp program, Camp Cogger, for children with autism and their families. It will be located in Deep Gap, North Carolina in the High Country known as the "Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains."

KAMPN's LIFE (Live In Family Experience) will enable participating university students to "live-in" with the family. Cabins are designed to provide the students an opportunity as pre-service professionals to gain valuable experience to better prepare themselves for a career in human services upon graduation.

KAMPN will provide a very unique opportunity for parents to interact with each other to discuss the challenges and rewards they are faced with daily. in addition it will provide them an opportunity to enjoy various activities provided in the High Country while trained service providers work with their child at Camp Cogger.

KAMPN will provide a model that can be replicated in other areas of the state and country. This will be accomplished through distribution of all documents and materials that would help in the establishment of this model program.

KAMPN realizes the high costs involved in raising a child with autism. In order to help with the expenses, funding will be pursued.


1255 Wildcat Ridge
Deep Gap, NC 28618

KAMPN Inc. is a nonprofit, federally tax-exempt, charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Donations can be sent to the address above.

Board Members & Parent Advisors


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